I made the mistake of turning on the TV Tuesday night and catching a glimpse at one of the most soulless reality/game shows ever created–Fox’s The Moment of Truth.  For those unfamiliar with the format, thank your lucky stars as I try to recap. Contestants are put through lie detector testing prior to being on the show.  They are asked all sorts of awful and intruding questions, about secret desires, family hardships, true feelings about awkward situations, etc.  The contestant is then interrogated on stage in front of an audience and a few of the contestant’s closest friends and family.  The whole purpose of the show is to humiliate the contestant as they respond to questions for money.  The higher the stakes, the tougher the questions.  The host, Mark L. Wahlberg (from the equally intelligent show Temptation Island), adds more drama by constanly evaluating the seriousness of the questions and telling the contestant that they can walk away at any time with the money that they have already earned.   The lovely episode that I caught on Tuesday included questions such as “As a waitress at Hooters, did you ever have sex with a customer?”  YES.  “Were you ever hospitalized for an eating disorder?”  YES.  The contestant also crushed the soul of her best friend, who was live on stage, when asked “Do you think your best friend will ever be a professional musician?”  The answer was NO.  The audience gasped collectively as the camera zoomed into a shot of the best friend’s face.  I turned it off before they reached the $25,000 round.