Burger Shots Commercial

Update:  I found the video!

In their years-long quest to piss off every female on the planet, Burger King has unveiled a new incredibly offensive advertisement for their burger shots–mini hamburgers that come in packs of two or six. 

Unfortunately, after an hour of internet research, I figured out that these burger shots are currently only available in select markets like Providence and Denver so not many people know about the burgers or the ads yet.  I cannot find a video clip anywhere, but if you visit this website you can see screen shots of the stupidity.  On a related note, as I was searching the web for “burger shots” I found out that the phrase is a derogatory term for photos of female genitalia and/or the act of punching a woman in the vaginal area.   Way to go, Burger King.  You might want to rethink the name before unveiling these globally. 

Anyway, here’s the lowdown on the ad:  Two average guys are sitting on a bench, one eating a large BK burger and one who cracks open a package of two small burger shots.  Immediately, a beautiful woman (with cleavage aplenty!) appears and starts cooing over the burgers.  As the camera pans back and forth between the man and woman, more women keep popping up until he’s surrounded by seven women who are very excited about his burgers.  At first, I thought the ad was poking fun at the played out scenario of women fawning over men with babies because one of the women exclaims “ooo! Look at the little burgers.”  But there’s a ton of sexual innuendo too that makes the ad even more creepy and stupid.  Besides the cleavage, many of the women are borderline moaning in this ad and some reach out to touch the guy’s lap.  Another woman says “I just wanna squeeze them” as the average Joe holds his pair of burgers proudly in the air.  As this ad plays over and over on TV, I’m beginning to think of this guy’s burger shots as little beefy testicles…shudder. 

 I will post a link to the video, if it ever makes it online.