It’s bad enough that through the advent of plastic surgery, more people’s bodies and faces are starting to resemble mannequins instead of humans. Lately, I’ve noticed a new disturbing trend—duplicating girls and adult females in plastic form.

First, there are My Twinn dolls, a company that offers expensive plastic dolls that look exactly like the girls that own them. Each doll is completely customizable (from hair color and skin tone to freckles and disabilities) to match its human counterpart. The dolls start at $139, astronomically more than most plastic dolls, but the spending doesn’t stop there! My Twinn’s website also features endless options for matching doll/girl clothing and accessories. Matching pink chenille sweaters will set you back another $55. They also sell sets of earrings, watches, purses, sleeping bags, wheelchairs, casts, and crutches.

I’m sure that most people purchase products through My Twinn because it’s “SO CUTE!”, but I wonder how many parents shell out this kind of money so their child feels represented in toy form. For example, I’m sure there aren’t a slew of African American dolls in wheelchairs at your local Toys R’ Us. If that’s the case, then I feel a tremendous amount of sadness that parents need to find a niche market (that charges far too much money) so their child can have some sense of identity.

On a related (but even more disturbing) note, I recently learned about Real Dolls –sexually life-like plastic replicas of women that start at an astonishing rate of $6,500. Customers, who are predominantly male, can individualize everything about their Real Doll. Even breast size and pubic hair are negotiable. Check out the company’s website—there are some dolls that look so lifelike, I had to do a double take.

The dolls have biologically accurate orifices, so their primary use is for sexual pleasure. However, I learned about these dolls after watching a documentary about men who have relationships with their Real Dolls. The film shows men who spend their time shopping for new outfits and wigs for their dolls, bringing them out for a ride in the countryside, and rubbing their feet. I dare you to watch all the festivities.

I have a lot more to say about these dolls, but it may evolve into a paying article down the road.