I am currently sitting on a damp porch at a bed and breakfast in Provincetown, MA, nearing the end of my 24 hour self-imposed retreat.  Now that class is finished for the semester, I need to rededicate myself to my writing and other lifestyle things that get brushed aside when school is in session.  I have approximately four months before next semester, so there’s a lot of time for accomplishment. 

I decided to splurge on this getaway so I could make some space in my head, set some goals, and rejuvenate after a long stretch of stressfulness.  I had a chance to go shopping, take a bubble bath, read a book in the parlor, and spend a big chunk of time working on me.  This place is so beautiful and fit my purpose exactly.  I don’t think I’ll ever stay at a different bed and breakfast when I visit this town again.  As a sign of fate, the room I reserved (the Quan Yin) is named after the Buddhist goddess for loving kindness–a practice that many people have told me to take up.  Despite the Londonesque weather, this journey has been perfect. 

All that being said, there will be some major changes coming to this site–mostly good, I hope.  I had the opportunity to sketch out a new color scheme, blog tag line, and theme that will be created when Dan doesn’t have 1,000 things on his place.  Hopefully by July 1st.

Starting now, I will be posting at least every Wednesday and Saturday.  Wednesday entries will be miscellaneous while Saturday posts will be called “Burst Your Bubble”–happenings in media and/or pop culture that make me cringe.

 I’m off to breakfast, but expect a post on Wednesday!