I will be at an Ani DiFranco concert–my first one in almost 10 years!  The last time I saw her live, she headlined the Newport Folk Festival  (August 1998) in her signature dreadlocks, a white tank top, black skater shorts and sneakers.  Little Plastic Castle had just been released, so her set mostly included songs from that album.  My friends were both suffering from severe sunstroke by the time Ani took the stage (it was almost 100 degrees that day!), so they stayed crumpled in the shade while I wandered to the front of the stage.  Ani was so full of live, so full of energy…and so much shorter than I expected! 

I cannot wait to see her live again, in a smaller venue and with friends from school…and with Dan!  I’ve been telling him stories about Ani’s live performances for years, so hopefully I haven’t set the bar too high for him.  She releases albums at such a fast pace, my poor bank account can’t keep up!