*I want to preface this post by saing that I am not a Hillary Clinton supporter (at least not yet, anyway) so this is not a rant skewed by the fact that I like her as a presidential candidate.  I continue to follow all of the people running for office and have yet to settle on someone that really excites me.*

I am absolutely appalled by the media’s coverage of Hillary Clinton leading up to and following the New Hampshire primaries this week.  What is really surprising is that I am usually very supportive of media and pop culture, no matter how ridiculous–for example, I love jamming to the abomination that is Russian pop duo t.A.T.u and I’ve been known to enjoy Judge Judy!  But I am sick and tired of how far the media goes to create political spin out of nothing.  I remember the last election, when I was excited about casting my primary vote for Howard Dean.  He made one funny noise, that flooded the media ad nauseam, and his whole campaign went down the crapper…all before the primaries reached me in Little Rhody.  By the time I cast my ballot, he was toast.

Clinton has already been scrutinized for her cackling laugh, cleavage, “manly” attire, wrinkles, for being a “bitch,” and other equally ridiculous reasons to judge someone running for the presidency.  How about using a fine toothed comb to go over her political platform instead of spending valuable air time to ponder her on-the-road diet?

I don’t have a problem with pundits attacking a candidate’s plans–but it drives me batty to sit through what is now being called “Crygate.”  Because getting choked up is just as scandalous as Nixon-era political cover-ups.  Ugh.  I have read and heard several pundits, even on NPR!, discussing the effect that Crygate had on Hillary’s victory in New Hampshire on Tuesday…that there’s some connection between her “emotional breakdown” and the women who flocked to vote for her.