I am working on several ideas right now for new articles. Bitch finally released their writer’s guidelines for the next two issues, so I’ve been throwing around some topics for their “Hot & Bothered” and “Green” publications. These ideas are coming rather slowly, so luckily I have until March 1st to put something together. Can you believe that I can’t think of a single topic for the sex issue? Maybe I’ve been reading way too many issues of Cosmo and Jane while at the gym. It’s hard to be in a sexy, feminist frame of mind while reading about “100 ways to sexually degrade yourself in order to make your boyfriend happy”…ick. 

Additionally, I have a strong desire to write a short, personal piece about coffee and how I feel like a complete outcast as a professional (and a Rhode Island native) for not needing a constant java fix morning, noon and night. I was thinking of pitching this idea to Rhode Island Monthly, but Dan mentioned that it might be a nice piece for a business-related magazine. Every time I have a business meeting at work, my colleagues line up in droves for coffee and I’m left sitting by my lonesome, sipping my water and looking like an idiot. I’ve also had my fair share of stunned co-workers—“you don’t drink coffee at all?!” they gasp, as if I confessed that I don’t breathe air or bathe. I could go on and on, but I’ll save it for the article so I can actually try to make a little money off of my pet peeves.

I’ve also had some time to put in a little reading over the holiday weekends. I finished Andrea Dworkin’s Woman Hating and I was surprisingly disappointed. Maybe it wasn’t the best book to read as an introduction to her work. I’ve read several of her articles in magazines over the past few years, so maybe I just didn’t choose a good book this time. I enjoyed Lyra’s Oxford, Philip Pullman’s tiny morsel to hold readers over until his next Dark Materials book—I can’t wait!