Last week during a conference in China, Qantas airlines chairwoman Margaret Jackson recalled an experience she had at Los Angeles airport last year. As she passed through airport security, a TSA agent detained her because of airplane blueprints found in her briefcase. 

When questioned about the contents of her case, Jackson explained her position as the head of Qantas airlines and that the diagrams were for a new plane prototype. The TSA agent stated “but you’re a woman” and continued to detain her because he did not believe that a woman could hold such a position. It took quite a bit of time for Jackson’s release because she had to prove her Qantas credentials.

Normally, a story like this would cause me to spew fire and take to the streets with my pitchfork. Actually, I first heard about this while listening to the radio on my way to work and I have to say that I am very happy that I was alone. If you were on Route 146 last Thursday afternoon, I was the maniac yelling in the teeny blue Kia. What decade are we living in, people? Since when is it unfathomable for women to be CEOs? I know that only two of the Fortune 500s CEOs are women, but those numbers will never rise above two until people actually believe that women can hold positions of power.

However, I got the whole story when I looked up more information about the incident. Apparently, while telling her conference tale, Jackson also referred to the TSA official as a “black guy, who was, like, eight foot tall.” What does the agent’s race or height have to do with the story? Sounds like the two of them need to reunite for a few rounds of diversity training.