Yesterday, I had the opportunity to reaffirm that I made one of the best choices of my life when I chose to attend Franklin Pierce College. My agency’s youth group and I took a field trip to the University of Rhode Island, which seems like a fantastic state university—the tour guide was incredibly accommodating, the students we met seemed friendly and intelligent, the school offers a wide array of academic programs, and the facilities were pretty impressive. But I felt completely lost and overwhelmed. 

The campus at URI has individual structures for each department; there are concrete paths that lead in every direction to buildings that stretch to the horizon. We ate in one of the three cafeterias on campus and some of our student guides commented that they had never visited this particular cafeteria. I saw so many students, buzzing here and there all over campus, without acknowledging or even recognizing each other.

Later that night, Dan and I drove two hours to New Hampshire to visit our alma mater. Although we only visited for a few hours, we had the opportunity to catch up with people who still know us even though other classes have graduated since our time at FPC. It is so comforting to drive up College Road and notice the miniscule changes of the campus I have grown to know so intimately—the new computer kiosk in the Campus Center, a fresh coat of paint here and there. But the greatest feeling of all was the sense that I was at my emotional home away from home.

I’m sure that there are positives and negatives to each college or university that are as unique as the individuals who pursue higher education. But as I walked across campus last night breathing in the crisp New Hampshire air, I knew I made at least one great decision in my life.