I’m suffering from a serious bout of “meh” from my full-time job lately and all of the associative feelings are creeping their way into the rest of my life. I’m prone to suffering from “meh” when I get incredibly stressed out about something and the prospect of solving the stress seems rather hopeless.

As a director at a non-profit organization (an inherently thankless job), it is really difficult to expend my energy working my tail off and motivating my staff when I really could use a shot of optimism for myself every once in a while. I know that my staff feel valued because I am constantly reinforcing their roles in the department. I just wish I could feel those positive vibes about the work that I contribute to the agency. For the past year, I’ve had a swimming-against-the-tide/drowning-in-work/never-going-to-catch-up cloud hanging over my head with false promises of when the skies will finally clear. I thought it would be more manageable in April, after our agency accreditation process—nope. I thought completing four major grants might clear up my to-do list—nope.

In terms of my life outside of work, I’m finding it really difficult to come home and write because my brain feels like it’s stuffed with cotton instead of intelligent and creative ideas. I started going back to the gym this week in an effort to de-stress and clear out my head before going home; it’s led to a bit of weight loss, but I’m still brain dead. I’ve visited Borders and Barnes & Noble at least four times in the past week and a half because it’s usually very motivating to sit down with a stack of magazines and envision new article ideas. Besides spending money and drinking coffee, my trips were rather unproductive. Meh.

Any suggestions for how I can pull my head out of my ass?