I admit it…I love most things that people consider creepy or weird.  Tim Burton’s work?  Love it.  The costume design and special effects in that horrendous Jennifer Lopez film, The Cell?  Loved that too.  And admiring dirty, primitive folk art dolls is my saving grace when forced to shop at every country craft shop on the planet when visiting with my family.

So it was a given that after watching this Snickers Halloween ad, I found myself totally in love with the main character.

I wish Snickers cut the ad by about five or ten seconds, so viewers don’t know that the mystical lady is made up of some kids pulling a prank.  I love the character’s mismatched arms, missing fingers, extreme height, oversized bathrobe, over-the-top mask (heightened features and makeup, but no moving lips!), etc.  It bums me out that this very helpful creature is just a vehicle for kids to scare adults into giving out more Snickers on Halloween.

The other day in the car, Dan and I spent a good twenty minutes daydreaming about ways for the Snickers Lady to keep going year round.  Perhaps she pops up a county fair, chucking hot and scalding deep fried Snickers bars at unsuspecting passersby (I’m only helping!) or at a Dairy Queen, dumping far too many ground up Snickers into Blizzards.  Teehee.

Unfortunately the original costume for the Snickers Lady was auctioned off recently so she probably won’t be making any more appearances for the company, but at least the $1,900 raised went to Feeding America.