Well, the Ahtspot party was a huge success! Please check out our website, with photos taken by yours truly, to get a feel for the turnout. I am so excited about the winning logo and can’t wait to get it placed on tee shirts and bumper stickers. 

Grad school is great so far, although I am sick of telling people about the class I am taking this semester—Sequels and Series, or What Television Can Teach Us About the Novel. Despite the fact that I tell curious people all about the massive amounts of reading and heavy theoretical material I have to finish each week, the only response I get is “you’re paying to take a class about television?” or “I wish I could take a class that involves just watching tv.” Excuse me, I’m just studying possibly the single most influential and most used piece of equipment in every American home…no big deal. Ugh. 

I am counting down the days until my new laptop, a Dell Latitude 420D arrives! For five years, I have struggled with an older Dell that defies all specs associated with owning a laptop (lightweight, convenient, full of battery power, wireless) because it weighs a ton and needs to be plugged in at all times because the battery power lasts for all of 30 minutes. I keep having Carrie Bradshaw daydreams of carrying my new wireless laptop to the coffee shop, library, and school so I can become the Superwriter I have always dreamed of—minus the fact that I hate coffee and I hate high heels even more.