This morning I was feeling particularly sentimental about my house bun, Emily (named for the equally gentle and strawberry blonde Emily Sailers of the Indigo Girls. We adopted her from the SPCA four years ago; at the time, she was a larger than average rabbit but we figured that she was a full grown adult. Wow, were we wrong! After a great conversation with the Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue, we realized that Emily is a Flemish Giant—one of the largest breeds of rabbit. Currently, when she lays flat she is over two feet long. Her favorite things in life are beet tops, attention from Dan or anyone else who’s offering, berry yogurt chips, collard greens, and extreme relaxing. She loathes loud noises, really tall people, and her green ball which she throws out of her way when she gets annoyed with it. 

As I groggily made my way to the kitchen for some breakfast this morning, I could see Emily binking (incredibly energetic, spastic hops that rabbits perform when they are super duper happy) and jumping on and off of her castle. Yes, the rabbit has her own castle which she loves to destroy on a daily basis by slowly tearing the carpeting off of each wall. A princess she is not. 

It finally clicked in my head that Emily deserved some public recognition and I grabbed the digital camera to take a few shots of her for this entry. When I sat down next to her, I noticed that one eye was completely shut and full of gunk. Oh no. There’s nothing a poor graduate student loves more than potentially expensive trips to the veterinarian! 

After Dan spent several death-defying minutes trying to entice her into the pet carrier without bloodshed, I had the pleasure of holding the carrier on my lap as she proceeded to freak out during the entire journey. She continued to breathe heavily at the vet’s office until Dan pulled out some of his rabbit whisperer voodoo and she relaxed a bit. Then I started my own freak out as the vet proceeded to poke, prod, and squeeze fluorescent drops into poor Emily’s eyes. For those of you who don’t know, I have a horrendous eyeball phobia. Wrists and veins gross me out too. 

Anyway, after $109 (ouch!) the official diagnosis is that she has an infection in her eye and nose and needs eye drops every day for two weeks. After pouting in her castle for several hours, she finally came out to relax so I could take some pictures. Here’s Emily!