And I return, yet again! The past month or so has been hectic, stressful, overwhelming—you know, the factors that lead to not blogging since April! There is not much to report, besides:

  • My spring semester is OVER! I spent way too much time studying and writing about Jack Bauer, but my paper is finished and turned in for grading. I believe we get our grades tomorrow, so I’ll be sleeping with my fingers and toes crossed tonight. Despite watching 24 religiously all season, I haven’t had the stomach to watch since I turned in my paper.
  • Did anyone watch the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy? I am so ashamed to admit that I was allowed to stop watching it a few weeks ago, but I really wanted to see what the writers would do with Addison’s new spin-off and how the season would finish as a whole. Although the show never elicited much of an emotional response from me (unless vomiting in my mouth or rolling my eyes count as emotions), I was really moved by the final scene with Meredith and Christina—I MAY have even shed a tear or two. After an entire season of Christina being pressured to get married to Burke, he calls off the wedding during the ceremony because he finally understands that she doesn’t want to be Mrs. Burke. During the final scene, Meredith enters Christina’s apartment to find her standing still in her wedding dress and looking around the apartment to find that all of Burke’s personal belongings are gone. When it finally sets in, Christina tears at her neck to remove her wedding choker as Meredith helps cut her out of her dress. And I think George is gone, boo.
  • I am in love with Amy Winehouse. I usually loathe any music that sounds like it was created before the days of Led Zeppelin, but I’m really enjoying this woman’s funky sound. Her hit “Rehab” is particularly useful when exercising.
  • Summer classes start this Tuesday and I am taking “Studies in Film Genre: The Melodrama.” I am really excited since I enjoyed my Feminist Film class so much last summer. I just hope it doesn’t include too many older films—I guess I have the same feelings about film as I do about music (see above).
  • I have slowly allowed my job to take over my life again, ugh. Once my summer course is over (sometime in the beginning of July), Kerri-the-feminist-writer is coming out to play. When it comes time to apply for PhD programs or earn a book deal, no one’s going to care one bit about the skills I used during my full-time job. I am a writer; I am a writer; I am a writer; therefore, I need to act like one.
  • After two shitty years at a Bally’s (if there’s one near you, don’t do it!), I joined a new gym! Everyone at the new gym seems friendly, I received great customer service from the employees, and I have yet to have an issue with getting the machine of my choice. On Friday night, I even shared the Olympic sized swimming pool with one other person. I am willing to give up my Friday nights on a regular basis if it leads to a workout not involving getting splashed by some brat and his stupid noodle.