After an embarrassing two-year hiatus of laziness, I’ve had the privilege of being published again! Check out the newest issue of Bitch magazine for a short piece by yours truly about the ridiculous Firefly cell phone for kids. That’s all I am going to say about it for now—so get off your duff, go buy a copy, and support feminist publications!

My final grade for Feminist Film Studies was a not-too-shabby A-. I would really love to have a GPA close to 4.0. After dropping close to $400 on books for one class, I am really excited about next semester—Seminar in Gender/Cultural Studies. I have about 20 intense books on all sorts of interesting information like imperialism and sexuality. The head of the Gender/Cultural Studies department teaches the class, so I can’t wait to dive in!

For those of you who wonder why I focus most of my attention on feminist writing, please check out this article. Be warned, you should digest your dinner before reading—I don’t want to be responsible for you puking all over your computer. I’ve been steaming over this for days and am still not ready to talk about it. Hopefully I’ll get something posted before I leave for Canada on a well-deserved vacation.