Fantastic news! I received my acceptance letter from Simmons College on Saturday! I was heading out to dispose of the trash and run errands when I saw the big envelope sticking out of the mail slot. I dropped the garbage and ripped open the envelope to see the words “I am pleased to notify you…” Needless to say, the garbage was quickly abandoned in the hallway (sorry neighbors!) as a bolted up the stairs and scared the snot out of poor Dan, who was fast asleep. From that point on, I don’t remember much—but I’ve been told it involved a lot of crying and jumping and hugging and dancing around the house. I was just a little excited…. 

Anyways, I will begin my Masters Degree in Gender/Cultural Studies in September and I’m pretty sure that my first class will be an introductory Seminar in Gender/Cultural Studies taught by the department chair. This is the class that I visited during my trip to campus last November. I remember being so inspired by the students’ discussions—I cannot wait to be sitting in there, defending my analyses as an actual student. Am I the only person on Earth who gets excited about assigned readings and essays and going to class? 

Between now and September, I need to work harder on submitting some writing that will build my portfolio and bank account a little more. Since I will be paying for the degree without financial aid or loans, I need to tighten my budget quite a bit! Until 2009, if you want to hang out, please feel free to stop by my place for some peanut butter & jelly sandwiches (at least they will be organic!) and board games. Or contact me to make a donation—preferably in $100 or $1,000 increments.