I have gone so long without a post! I want to thank Dan and my good friend Liz for kicking my butt back into gear. It is very easy to put aside activities that are the most relaxing and important to you when times get tough. While I don’t have much time, I should be able to update this site a little more often. Here are just a few notes for now:

My job has been so incredibly challenging over the past few months with no signs of letting up in the near future. I never imagined that getting a promotion would cause so much stress in my life. My department is in a really fragile position right now—as most non-profits are realizing, funding is scarcer every year and creative changes are needed to stay afloat. I just don’t know if I have the energy to keep up with my work, search out new funding, motivate my staff, and make sweeping changes all at the same time. I also question my commitment to the job. While my position holds some of my personal values and interests, it is not a complete match. I would really like to be teaching, writing, and researching about the things that really hold my interest—feminism, politics, human rights, etc. ::sigh:: I’ll get there some day.

     Well, that’s about it for now. I will try to write more later. Thanks again for the spark to get me writing again!