After several weeks of wrangling with my article about Providence, I finally completed it on Tuesday night. Despite hours of writers block, I have to say that I’m mighty proud of the finished product. I just have to get a few snapshots of some of the places listed in the article and then I can submit it. I should have my next article finished and e-mailed by Monday, with a second article done as soon as I get some additional information from the artist. I love accomplishing things, especially when it’s related to writing.
     Speaking of activities that make me feel all fuzzy inside, I am reading the fabulous Sisterhood is Forever anthology edited by Robin Morgan. I can’t believe that it has taken me this long to finally start reading one of the Sisterhood books, but now I can’t put it down. So far, I have particularly enjoyed:

  • “Alive Behind the Labels: Women in Prison” by Kathy Boudin and Roslyn D. Smith. The women that wrote this essay are prisoners serving long sentences. There is some incredible research about the status of female prisoners, the education they receive while incarcerated, and how all of this effects their connection to the outside world.
  • “Poverty Wears a Female Face” by Theresa Funiciello. I am always interested in pieces about women and poverty because of my full-time job. This essay made me realize that the things that I see around me that involve class relations and gender are not just a figment of my imagination. There is a huge income gap in the United States that leaves a majority of the population behind.
  • “Reclaiming the Past, Redefining the Future: Asian American and Pacific Islander Women” by Helen Zia. I always enjoy reading about the Asian American population because I don’t think Asian cultures (and the female roles in those cultures) were covered during my time in public school.
  • “The Media and the Movement: A User’s Guide” by Gloria Steinem. This is my second favorite piece so far. Although I consider myself a well-educated feminist, I have to admit that up until reading this essay I had never read anything by Gloria Steinem. I think this was a really great first essay to read because it combined my love of communication studies with my love of feminism.
  • And my number one essay so far….drum roll please… “Running for Our Lives: Electoral Politics” by Pat Schroeder. I have never even thought of running for public office, but after reading this inspiring piece about women in government, I have made it a future goal to get into politics on a representative basis.

I’m only 300 pages into this book and I already want Sisterhood is Global and the one that started it all, Sisterhood is Powerful. I’m not sure if the former is available anymore, but I know that the first installation is out of print, so I’ll have to hit up eBay for it. Anyways, please read these books. I can already tell that they will have a profound effect on me, much like Amy Richards and Jennifer Baumgardner.