In the amazing tradition of bad things happening on my birthday, Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor retired from her position after serving for over two decades. If anyone heard screaming around noontime on Friday, that was me checking the news online during my lunch break. Now President Bush has quite a daunting decision ahead of him—does he choose a right-wing, conservative nominee to please the constituents that spent so much money on his election and re-election, or does he choose a more moderate nominee to avoid a confrontation with Democrats?
     There are so many national issues (such as abortion and gay marriage) that could be shifted in one perspective or another based on whom Bush nominates for the next seat on the bench. By Friday night, I had already received dire mass emails from various directors at Planned Parenthood, the Human Rights Campaign and that spelled out the importance of the upcoming weeks. O’Connor’s surprise retirement stirs up so many feelings inside of me—extreme anger, a sense of hopelessness, and an overall sadness. On the other hand, I am feeling very motivated in my role as an activist and writer. I am hoping that as Washington gears up for a new Supreme Court Justice that I can push away my feelings of hopelessness and fear, and that I can really embody the idea that I can make a change in our government. Isn’t that what the Fourth of July is all about?