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Shhh…Heather Has 2 Foster Moms

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According to this article on MSNBC, Texas state representatives voted today on a bill that would revamp the state’s Child Protective Services. Normally, I would say “kudos” because I know how most state agencies need serious renovations. However, a small part of this bill also includes language about banning homosexuals and bisexuals from acting as foster parents. Want to hear something even more disgusting? The bill passed, 135-6! I can’t even fathom that there were only six members of the Texas House that had enough common sense to see how unconstitutional it is to ban people of a particular sexual orientation from caring for and loving a child.
     If this bill passes all stages of the legislative process, potential foster parents will be questioned about their sexuality during the interview process, and current foster parents who are not heterosexual will have the children removed from their homes. How heartbreaking and absolutely ridiculous.
     The only bright side to this story is that the bill still needs to pass through the state Senate, so there’s still time to act. I would encourage everyone to please sign up for the Action Network of the Human Rights Campaign, sign their petition for equal marriage, or slap one of their handy dandy equality stickers on your car/backpack/face to show your support.

A New Start

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So I sat down several hours ago to christen the first entry on the website and, as usual, found myself completely void of ideas. When writers block hits me, no matter how small or large, I find that surfing on the Internet and reading the writing of others often flushes ideas out of my system. Fortunately, I stumbled upon a great video on Boston’s PBS station, WGBH. I found a clip of Amy Richards and Jennifer Baumgardner, the authors of Manifesta: Young Women, Feminism and the Future and Grassroots: A Field Guide for Feminist Activism. All I can say is, “wow.” After reading both of their books, underlining key sentences, taking notes and practically memorizing their work, I still find myself with a selective amnesia when it comes to their message and what I can do to help.
     I need to realize and internalize that the reason why I am so motivated by works like Grassroots is because deep down, I know that my calling in life is to use my writing and interests in feminist issues to help those causes that I believe in. Hopefully, this website will be the clearinghouse for those thoughts and ideas that lead to greater change.